In order to understand recursion,one must first understand ture recursion!

Please Change your DNS server To


Over GFW

Fun Dns can help you open those sites that are shielded in China, such as Google, Facebook, Pixiv, which is different from the traditional vpn,It doesn't affect your network speed.

Remove Ad

Fun Dns has a strong set of blocking ad rules, we will regularly update these rules,The rules contain about 20 thousand ad addresses,and the number is growing,it can kill 80% of the web ads.

Interception Risk

Fun Dns use large data analysis to obtain a list of dangerous sites that may spread viruses, disclose information,when users try to access these sites,it will cuts off the connection.

More Features

Fun Dns will give users more practical features, We will continue to improve its function and Promise never to charge,Faster, stronger, and more accurate,so stay tuned!



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